Defending Your Faith - Creation/Evolution Seminar 


Defending Your Faith - Creation/Evolution

If you missed the Creation Seminar and would like to order all 8 sessions on DVD or HD computer video files for only $30, contact the church office at 608 758-2850!

Seminar Schedule: More details on each session is also listed farther down.

— Friday Night November 9 —

The 6 Days of Creation (

The Fall of Man (7:40 - 8:30pm)

— Saturday November 10 —

One Blood, One Race -- The Biblical Answer to Racism (9:00am - 9:50am)

Dinosaurs (10:05 - 10:55)

Noah’s Flood (11:10 - Noon)

Lunch Break (Noon - 1pm) Lunch not provided. Many local places to eat near the church

Fraudulent Information  (1:00pm - 1:50pm)

Does it Matter What We Believe? (2:05pm - 2:55pm)

Biblical Compromise (Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 8:30am and 10am)

Meet the Speaker

Michael T. Powers is the Youth Minister at Faith Community Church. He is celebrating his 30th year of marriage to his high school sweetheart Kristi and together they have been involved in youth ministry for thirty-three years. They have three boys: Caleb, Connor, and Chase.

In 1985, at the age of sixteen, Michael became the Jr. High Sunday School Superintendent at People's Church in Beloit and then four years later began teaching in the high school department.  Kristi and Michael began attending Faith Community Church in 1998 and he accepted a full-time position with the church on October 1st, 2001.  He now wakes up every morning thanking God for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of teenagers.

Michael writes, "If you don't take the time to establish real down-to-earth relationships with the youth that God has entrusted to you, they won't care one bit about the words that come out of your mouth.  Real youth ministry is about relationships--not programs, activities, or events.  Real relationships don't happen overnight. A teenager wants to know if you're for real before they care about anything you may have to share with them about God." 

Michael is also an award winning writer who authored the book: Heart Touchers "Life-Changing Stories of Faith, Love, and Laughter" and whose stories have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world and in 32 other inspirational books including eight books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Michael won the 2005 Storytelling World Resource award from Storytelling Magazine, chosen from among hundreds of stories, books, and recordings.

Michael was also honored in 2000 by Heartwarmers with the title: Heartwarmer Gem as one of their most beloved writers -- "those who have consistently contributed outstanding and memorable works that have captured the hearts and minds of their members around the world."

He appeared on national TV in a thirty minute interview on the show "Book Tours with Corinne Edwards" (Wisdom Television Network) and recently appeared on the morning TV talk show: The Morning Blend on TMJ 4 NBC in Milwaukee. He has also been interviewed on regional TV shows for his writing. Michael is also a motivational speaker, speaking mostly at high schools, churches, and corporate settings, and was the keynote speaker on "Taking Time for Parenting" for the 2001 Farm Progress Days, one of the nation's largest agricultural shows.

Michael attended the Answers in Genesis Creation College and was trained by Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis staff to do multi-media presentations on the Creation/Evolution controversy and Apologetics while upholding the authority of the bible from the very first verse. He has not only spoken on this topic regionally at churches, schools and colleges but also in Asia and Europe.

He is also the founder, editor, webmaster, and publisher of and two very popular inspirational e-mail lists and web sites with 16,000 weekly subscribers from over 110 countries world-wide and over 8 million visitors.

Michael also enjoys sports and what they teach us about life. He is a Federation of Outdoor Volleyball Men's Open Sand Doubles Champion and an eight-time Gold Medallist in volleyball for the Badger State Games (Wisconsin's State Olympics). Michael recently retired from coaching after 29 years. He was the Head Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach at Clinton High School (home of the 2003 State Champion Lady Cougars) and was awarded the Rock Valley Conference Coach of the Year in 2017. He is also a certified USA Junior Olympic Girls' 18 and under volleyball coach.

Michael is an avid reader (he always has a good book going) and shares a love for the outdoors and wildlife with his wife and sons. They especially enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking.

One of his favorite quotes is:

"A ministry that lasts is a ministry that relentlessly perseveres through periods of enormous persecution. It is not fickle. It does not need the applause of people. It rejects being enshrined as a god. Authentic ministry delivers the truth of God, no matter how jagged the edges or perilous the threats. The ministry of Paul and Barnabas dripped with that kind of determination. Does yours? Do you want to have a great ministry, or do you just want to be great?" --Chuck Swindoll


More details on what will be covered in the seminar:

The 6 Days of Creation (

Questions that will be addressed:

  • Can we trust the Bible from the very first verse?

  • Did God really create the world in 6 literal days as the Bible clearly states?

  • Why do a lot of scientists say that the world is 4.5 billion years old instead of the 6 thousand or so years that the Bible teaches?

  • Did God use the process of evolution to help Him create?

Things that will be taught:

  • How incredibly amazing this universe really is. (Focusing on the stars)

  • How incredible God really is that he could create all this.

  • As Christians we start off telling unbelievers about the cross of Christ, but it seems like foolishness to them… because we are starting out in the middle of the story. We need to start the Gospel news out from the beginning of the story.

  • God created a perfect world and was in perfect relationship with mankind.

The Fall of Man (
7:40 - 8:30pm)

Questions that will be addressed:

  • What kind of God would create a world with so much death and suffering?

  • Why would God call this world “Very Good.”

  • Is God a “meaner” for punishing Adam and Eve for “just eating an apple?”

  • How did Adam live to be over 900 years old? We know that is impossible.

  • Where did Cain get his wife if Adam and Eve were the only people created?

  • How as the pre-flood world different than it is now?

Things that will be taught:

  • God originally created a perfect world, but our sin placed a curse not only on humans and the earth, but the entire universe.

  • Death entered the world only after sin.

  • The earth can’t possibly be billions of years old and animals could not have evolved and changed into other life forms leading up to humans, because that would clearly show that there was death (extinction, survival of the fittest, etc.) before Adam and Eve sinned. That goes totally against what God’s Word teaches.

  • Adam and Eve deliberately chose to live their life as if God wasn’t there. They wanted to follow their own way instead of God’s way.


One Blood, One Race : The Biblical Answer to Racism — (Saturday 9 - 9:50am)

Do you know how Babel points to Jesus Christ?

We will try and answer the most important questions about the Tower of Babel in Genesis and the intriguing topics related to it.

  • Many Christians—including many theologians and academics—believe the events the Bible describes at Babel are myths or legends, and need to be reinterpreted. They attack the account, saying it cannot possibly be based on fact. But are these assaults on the Bible warranted? However the Bible is accurate and understanding what happenedat the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” prejudice, and much more! We will discuss Charles Darwin’s destructive teaching regarding skin color, facial features, etc. On the lighter side, we will use a comical perspective on poodles to teach on natural selection and speciation.

    The Babel account can be trusted as written, and it is a key to understanding evangelism and the lands and people of the world today!

Dinosaurs (10:05am - 10:55am -- Dinosaurs)

Questions that will be addressed:

  • How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible

  • Why doesn’t the word “Dinosaur” appear in the bible?

  • Does the bible talk about dinosaurs at all?

  • If God created dinosaurs, where do they fit into the 6 Days of Creation?

  • Did dinosaurs and humans ever live on earth at the same time?

  • What happened to the dinosaurs – why don’t we have any living today?

Things that will be taught:

  • Dinosaurs were created on day 6 along with the other land animals.

  • Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time and were not separated by 65 million years.

  • The word dinosaur doesn’t appear in the bible because the Bible was translated into English in 1611 and the word dinosaur didn’t come into existence until 1841.

  • But the word “Dragon” appears in the King James Bible over 30 times!

  • Dragon was the word people used for dinosaurs before they started calling them dinosaurs.

  • Job chapter 40 and 41 clearly describe two creatures that were dinosaurs. (Behemoth and Leviathan)

  • There is a ton of evidence (now being suppressed) that shows that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.


Noah’s Flood (11:10 - Noon)

 Questions that will be addressed:

·         Is the biblical story about Noah’s Ark and the Flood a true historical fact or is it just an allegory that teaches us good moral lessons?

·         How could Noah have gathered all those animals?

·         How did all those animals fit on the ark?

·         How big was the ark?

·         How long did it take to build it

·         How did one very old man build an ark all by himself?

·         How did the kangaroos get from Australia to the middle east where the ark was built?

·         If dinosaurs and humans really lived together, were dinosaurs on the ark, and if so how in the world did they fit?

·         Was the flood world wide or just a local flood?

·         There isn’t possibly enough water on the earth to cover the whole earth, including the mountains, right?

·         How did Noah take care of all those animals for over a year?

·         If there really was a world wide flood, what evidence would be left behind.

Things that will be taught:

·         The flood story is true history, not a myth or allegory.

·         God brought the animals to Noah.

·         The number of animals that Noah would have taken with him would be much less than most people think: For example, the bible clearly teaches that animals reproduce after their own kind. What modern science calls a different species (Wolf, Coyote, Dog, etc.) would all be the dog kind. Noah took a male and female of the dog kind and within that DNA was the code for all the variations of the dog kind that we see today.

·         The ark was huge, not the little cute thing that is always pictured in children’s books.

·         Noah had over a hundred years to build the ark and would have hired people to help him. The technology of the time was much more impressive that what we are taught about today. Much evidence points to ancient people having incredible technological advances that we can’t explain today.

·         The pre-flood world was one continent and animals would not have to swim the ocean to get from Australia to the middle east because those places didn’t exist at that time. The world we live in now is radically different from the pre-flood world. Not a square inch is the same.

·         The great fountains of the deep and the firmament above provided the water. Plus mountains were formed during and after the flood. The bible says that high hills were covered.


Lunch Noon - 1pm (Lunch not provided. Many local places to eat near the church)

Fraudulent Information  (1 - 1:50pm)

Bringing to light those things that are still in the textbooks even after having been proven false many years ago.

·         Vestigial Organs

·         Geologic Column

·         Living Fossils

·         Macro and Micro Evolution

·         Beneficial Mutations?

·         Peppered Moths

·         Haeckel's Drawings

·         Missing Links

Does it Matter What We Believe? (2:05 - 2:55)

 Are we evolutionary accidental animals or are we a special creation of God? What we believe determines our actions here on earth and our eternal destinies! Gospel message presented by comparing the law of Gravity and it's consequences and God's moral law and it's consequences.


Biblical Compromise (Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 8:30am and 10am)

Tying all this together with some review on things that we already covered in the seminar for those who didn't make it over the weekend. Basically this message challenges those believers, churches, Christian colleges, etc. who are compromising on what scripture clearly says by allowing man’s ideas to permeate the church.