How can God help me with my feelings of depression?

One of the classic accounts of depression in the Bible is Elijah's despair recorded in 1 Kings, chapter 19. He was extremely discouraged and even doubted his own usefulness to God. Notice that his depression in part was caused by physical problems--hunger and exhaustion. The first step in his restoration was food and sleep. Note how he concentrated his attention on his immediate circumstances and saw no way out of them. However, God in effect told him to get his eyes off his circumstances and back on God. It was only when Elijah had a fresh vision of God's love for him that he was able to conquer his despair.

Depression is common in our times, but it is not incurable. Believe that God loves you! The proof of this is that He sent His Son to die for you. Do not trust your feelings, but trust the fact of God's love for you as revealed in His Word. Remember the words of the writer of Hebrews: "God has said, `Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.' So we say with confidence, `The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?'" (Hebrews 13:5-6). See Billy Graham's site called "Steps to Peace With God"



My Story By Wendy Cameron


I was not unlike a lot of people. I was vulnerable, depressed, and easily confused during my most erratic and impressionable years as a teenager. I was possessed by feelings of self-revulsion, anger, and bitterness toward those who abused me as a young child..., not too rare for teens today. So once I got old enough to where I figured that I'd pinpointed the "real problem" I began to look for solace and comfort from my family, my "friends", and more than anything, myself. I tried drinking, and "light" drugs, but they wore old on me fast and I soon became bored again. Then one day when I was sixteen, I came across what seemed to be a lovely belief system called Wicca. At the time it seemed as though I'd found everything that I ever was and believed in ...ALL AT ONCE! You can imagine the ecstatic feelings that were running through my head. I felt like I was on cloud nine for the first time. Though deep inside something always beckoned me to get away from it,... I of course pushed the feelings aside and went about my "great search". I think back now, and it seems it was more the "aesthetics" of the occult that was so seductive and so tempting. I thought wicca was beautiful..., it didn't discriminate, it didn't make you believe *everything* it believed in, and it welcomed you no matter who you were..., by the end of my first week of study I was a Witch..., and trapped. It started with feelings of "withdrawal". I didn't take any phone calls from my friends, or even my love-interest. I began to not care about how I was dressed or how I looked in public (when I was normally a rather vein teenage girl, due to my low self-regard). And I was a terror to my family. I started sleeping all day, and staying up all night. There were even times that I wanted to kill myself... I was clearly MUCH worse off at this stage then even before the drinking started. But I still was blinded to the one thing that would save me from spiritual death, Jesus Christ. I began to go downhill even further. I would sit in the dark in my bedroom casting spells and making requests to gods and goddesses to enrich my life. But, one night as I was studying I felt an INCREDIBLE sense of loneliness, guilt, and love all at once. All of a sudden it was so clear what was missing! I felt Jesus' love all around me, He was calling me back. I immediately got up threw all of my study guides, tools, and supplies away. I woke my mother up, and told her that her prayers for my salvation had come true. I gave my worship and love back to the Lord Jesus. I don't think I have to say that she was very happy! It has been a hard uphill ride to re-build a relationship with Jesus, but I have never been better..., and you know what? If you're reading this and NOT a Christian, let me tell you that Jesus Christ will save your life. You may not think so, but He will. He did it for me, and I was about as far gone as you can get. My life has a purpose and direction, I'm not drifting anymore. He will provide for you too, if you just ask.

Wendy Cameron

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