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Community Groups

A Community Group is the main type of small group at Faith.  We meet for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship and our groups are open to all adults (and any children/youth who can reasonably sit still and listen for 90 minutes).  Community groups meet in people's homes throughout the week.  Most meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:00 pm because there are children's and youth programs going on at this same time.

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Discipleship Groups

Our church has designed a discipleship curriculum to meet its unique needs.  The Real Zeal program connects people in a one-on-one interactive mentoring relationship that fosters spiritual growth.  This one year commitment can change your life for eternity!

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Marriage and Parenting Classes

If you are starting out in marriage or just want to enrich your relationship, come check out our Wednesday night group that meets in the sanctuary at 6:30-8:00pm.  We also will do an occasional class on Parenting from time to time.  All around it's just a great time together learning and discussing some of the challenges that come with the family we live in!  Children's programming available for ages 2 and up.

Marriage Mentoring

Whether you're a newlywed couple or if you've been married for a century, all couples go through tough times.  If you find that your relationship could use a bit of encouragement, then get connected with a trained marriage mentor couple.  These people are passionate about marriage, and they've been through some of their own experiences as well!  To find out more about finding a mentor couple, or perhaps you would like to encourage others, please contact Pastor Tim.

Happily Ever After

Getting your views on marriage synchronized with God's view and that of your future spouse is critically important for a marriage that is going to go the distance.  This biblical and practical class will help you and your fiancee be better prepared for the lifetime commitment you will be making.  In fact, if you're getting married at Faith Community, this class is required.

Class scheduled upon request. Contact Pastor Tim.

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