Kent Martin


I'm Kenton Martin. I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin near the town of Glen Flora. (pop. 92) I graduated from Flambeau High School in 1995. I spent the next three years working at the High School as an Interpreter/Coach for my brother Dwight who is deaf. He was an above average football player and our team won the state championship in 1998.

Sports has been a big part of my life mostly because I have five highly competitive brothers. MY MOM WAS BLESSED. However we attended a Mennonite church until I was 12 that did not allow organized sports.

In the fall of 1999 I moved to the Janesville area and started attending Faith Community Church. There I met my wonderful wife Rachel and we were married in June of 2001.

Since then we have been blessed with four boys and one girl. Chandler was born April 30th, 2002, Peyton was born March 3rd 2005, Reese was born September 9th, 2008, Zander was born September 10th, 2013 and Kade was born June 25th, 2015. Zander came to our home through foster care in September of 2013 and was adopted into our family a year later September 25th, 2014. Kade came to our home through foster care as well in August of 2015 and was adopted on March 21st, 2017.

We have been a Foster Family since Monday September 16th after 6 months of officially starting the process (although it had been years and many different seasons in the making). We were officially licensed as foster Parents in Rock County, not knowing that less than 24 hours later, on Tuesday September 17th, we would officially become a Foster Family with the arrival of a one week old baby boy straight from the hospital. Our children go to Rock County Christian School and we have been very blessed by the teaching and life lessons they have learned there.

As a family we enjoy camping together & with extended family, friends and youth, visiting my parents up north, going on bike rides and walks and playing our favorite family game of dog catcher. We also enjoy playing and watching sports together.

We got involved in the youth ministry in the fall of 2002 and have thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Working with Michael and Kristi has been a great experience. Our church is lucky to have them.

Currently I work at Frito-Lay and spend my spare time playing softball, football, and some occasional weightlifting. Of course with four boys and a girl and being a Junior High youth leader there is precious little of that.

I am very thankful for the numerous life lessons my parents taught me growing up on the farm. My parents have been married for close to 35 years and Jesus has been their foundation through many trials. They have influenced many people with their lives and I hope Rachel and I can do the same.

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