Kristi Powers


Hi!  My name is Kristi Powers, and yes, I am married to none other than the famous Michael T. Powers — Coach, Author and Youth Pastor extraordinaire!

I was born and raised in a little town called Clinton, Wisconsin and lived in the same house all my life until I married at age 22.  I believe I had a wonderful childhood with a loving family and parents and country home that all prepared me to be a youth leader someday!   

On July 26, 1980, I attended a camp-out where I met the best friend I have ever had in my life:  Jesus Christ.  I learned that weekend that I could have a personal relationship with my Maker and life has not been the same since!

I started the journey towards youth ministry in 1982 when I was 16 years old and was asked to teach a great group of Jr. high students at the Presbyterian church I grew up in.  With my very first group of teens I caught a tremendous passion and LOVE for youth!  They were a wonderful group of young people who I cried, prayed, laughed, and sang with, and I learned all the more about God and his amazing love for each and every one of us! 

In June of 1988, I married my high school sweet heart Michael and moved (for the one and only time I in my life) to our present home.  In 1995, I fell in love again, with a small bundle of joy, named Caleb Michael Powers.  Caleb received his best friend three years later when Connor Richard Powers was born.  And just to add more joy into our lives, God gave us Chase William Powers, in 2004.  I am a homeschooling Mom, so my first responsibility is to teach my children all about the heavenly Father who is just plain crazy about them!

I LOVE working with Michael and helping with the youth and have never lost the passion I have for each of them and their beautiful souls!  It is a tremendous joy to get to know each and every one of them.  I really like to see the potential in a teen and challenge them to reach that potential that God has for them in their lives!  To watch them grow in their faith and become adults who not only love Jesus, but serve him with every area of their life, is the best part of youth ministry! 

For "fun" I am also the camp director for our Kidz Camp at church, which we have every summer with three other churches from the area.  We call ourselves United 4 Kidz. For "added fun", in July of 2007 I became a CASA volunteer.  From 2007 until 2016 I was a court appointed special advocate for a kid/kids in the foster care system or under C.H.I.P.S. orders (Child in need of protection services)  In this volunteer job I reported directly to the judge about the needs and wants of the children I serve.  It was a challenging, amazing job that I loved with all my heart.

In 2011, Michael and I began serving through Tychicus Ministries and we have had many opportunities to speak to teens all over the world but mostly in Asia and Europe.

I currently work part time providing home care for the elderly. I love being able to breathe life into them on a daily basis.

In my "old age", whenever I get there, I plan to spend more time reading and writing books, camping, touring all over the world, and watching many more sunsets.  I suppose since I will be old and won't need as much sleep, I may even see a few sunrises!  But seriously, when I look at my life, I know three things.  I love Christ, Christ loves me, and I am doing right now what he wants me to be doing with my life. 

There is no safer place to be than where God calls you to be.

Kristi is also a writer with stories in 11 inspirational books:

Heart Touchers: "Life-Changing Stories of Faith, Love, & Laughter" coauthored with her husband Michael.

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