Teen Pregnancy

You may have thought it could never happen to you and your initial reaction may be shock, fear, and confusion. Your future will be changed, but not ruined. Once the pregnancy is confirmed by a physician you will need to think of someone you can tell about your pregnancy. The most logical place to begin is with your parents, if possible. They may experience some of the same emotions you are having now. Understand that your pregnancy is a crisis to them as well. If you cannot safely tell your parents, you should find a trusted friend or adult (such as a teacher, coach, pastor, or youth minister) who will support you. Be prepared for a variety of responses, from acceptance to judgemental shock. Everyone will offer you the solution they think is best and though you need a stable support system (help for parents , family, friends, church, etc.), the ultimate decision about your pregnancy is up to you.

What are your options?

1. Carrying the baby to term and parenting (with or without support from the father of the baby): Parenting is a huge responsibility whether you are married or single, but it is a life giving choice. You need to carefully evaluate your support systems (family, church, close friends,etc.), future goals, and financial stability when making this choice.

2. Adoption: Most people have a negative view of adoption, seeing it as "giving up" your baby. But, it can be a very rewarding decision. Everyone involved wins. The baby wins by being able to live, you win by making a good choice and forsaking your own desires for your child, and a loving couple wins by fulfilling their dream of raising a child. You can choose who adopts your baby through private adoption and ensure that your child will enjoy a safe, loving home.

Jennifer, age 15, placed her baby in an adoptive family. She comments, "I got pregnant at the age of 14 and had no clue what to do...people these days seem to talk of only two or three solutions to teen pregnancy..although most people forget another--adoption. It was the best, yet hardest decision of my life. I look at all I am doing now and think where would I be with a baby. I was not and will not be ready to take care of a baby for a few years. Plus the most important thing to me is that my baby has two parents who love each other."

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3. Abortion: This choice leads to the death of your baby and will produce lifelong consequences. No one wins with this option except the abortionist who takes your money. Please click on the following link for more information on abortion:

 What if I may be pregnant but find out I am not?

If you have faced the possibility of being pregnant as an unmarried teen, then use this experience to learn a lesson. You may be relieved, but you still have issues in your life that need to be dealt with. Obviously, if you faced the possibility of pregnancy, you are involved in premarital sexual activity. This lifestyle can have destructive consequences medically, emotionally, and spiritually. It not only creates the possibility of pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases and broken relationships. Sex was designed by God to give pleasure in a marriage relationship between two people committed to spending the rest of their lives together. God will not honor those who are not honoring Him with the precious gift of sex. Premarital sex is not pleasing to God and goes against its perfect design. You are also very special because God created you in His image. His restrictions on sex are not meant to keep you from enjoying pleasure, but to prepare you for a pure and holy marriage relationship. God is forgiving, though, if you have lost your virginity and He is willing to give you a second chance. Just because you are no longer a virgin does not mean you have no hope and should continue in your present sexual behavior. The more sexually involved you are prior to marriage, the more inner conflict and confusion you will experience. For more information click on this link: