It all started...

in 2007, when Faith Community Church developed RUSH to meet the needs of young adults (18-29 yrs.) in Janesville, WI and surrounding Rock County. We are a diverse mix of College students and 20 somethings that want to experience the fullness of life that Jesus offers to us in John 10:10.

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Let's face it. Life can be tough on YAPs (young adult persons), and it can be so easy just to go on autopilot coasting through making the easy choices, following the well paved roads of school, job, family, and perhaps a sprinkle of religion - you know just in case. But what many don't realize is that choosing what's easy most often leads to boredom, dissatisfaction and a downward spiral of searching out one form of entertainment after another.

At Rush, we refuse to take the easy way out. We confront the challenges of life with the belief that God has a purpose for each one of us. The Bible gives us the principles we need to accept each challenge and to not only "make it through", but to win significant victories that improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

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