Support Groups

Safe Interpersonal Relationships (SIR)

SIR is designed to help us build healthy relationships, spiritually and emotionally, using Biblical Principles and Dialectical Behavior Skills. SIR teaches daily coping skills to help those who struggle with anxiety, anger, depression or other emotional health issues. Meetings are the First and Third Thursday of each month at 6:30 in the Classroom/Library. 

Barnabas Ministry - Helping People in Crisis

If you are suffering from a medical or personal crisis, we have Barnabas Ministers trained to walk with you during your crisis to provide support, a sympathetic ear, and prayer. Contact Pastor Tim at 

Hope and Light – Ministering to People Who Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from clinical depression or anxiety let us help you move from victim to victor. Hope & Light provides support for those who are taking medicine for clinical depression or anxiety, but need more. Get support and learn practical coping skills from people who know what it is like to have anxiety or depression. Meetings are the Second and Fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 in the Youth Room. 

Hannah's Cry – Ministering to Women Who Lost a Baby or Unborn Child

A division of Barnabas Ministry - For women who have felt the pain of losing a child, here is a place for you to be supported and ministered to by women who share a common experience. Find grief support through women who will walk with you through this difficult time. Contact Pastor Tim at

Sealed – Helping People Who are Struggling with Sexual Sin

Sexual Sin is a problem that is hard to overcome on your own, so get the confidential help that you need to win! With the encouragement of other people who have found victory and some professional counsel, you can learn healthy habits. Contact or to find out meeting times. 

Healed - Ministry for the Spouses of those Struggling with Sexual Sin

This ministry focuses on helping women to work toward their own healing from the emotional toll that comes from living with a husband Struggling with Sexual Sin. If you are in need of Healing, please contact Pastor Tim at pastortim@faithjanesville.orgto find out meeting times. 

Mending the Soul – Helping People Heal from Abuse

Mending the Soul offers an educated, compassionate response to those who have suffered abuse in their lives so that they can live in freedom and wholeness. This small group process carefully guides people in the critical process of integrating one’s history of pain with the present, allowing them to find his or her redemptive story. Contact Pastor Jesse Thompson at Meeting times vary. 


If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. GriefShare meets weekly at different times of year to help you face these challenges and move forward rebuilding your life after the loss of s loved one. Meeting times vary. Check out the webpage for GriefShare. 

Survivors For Our Savior – A Support Group for Women Who Have Had or are Currently Fighting Cancer.

This group provides an opportunity to come together with other women who understand what you are going through and know your pain. Contact Pastor Tim at